The Squarey Worm

Here's my entry for Kirupa's Square Contest. It incorporates some of the flash techniques that's been posted here. It is just a bunch of squares that follow each other, gradient change color, and rotationX/Y distort according to the head's position. Enjoy~

The head follows the mouse while the rest of the squares follow its previous square with a ease follow.

The head gradually changes color between random colors. The rest take on their previous square's colors on each frame.

The whole worm's rotationX and rotationY changes according to mouse position on stage. It is done using a modified parallax scrolling code. (rotationX/Y instead of y position)

edit: Another one that could be part of the contest BUT was done too late. Building off of the latest post, Perspective Squares.


  1. this is great.. followed this from kirupa forum. Hope you win.. love this entry

  2. Thank you. Glad that you liked it. Hope I win too. heh